Exhaust Repair in Cumming, GA

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Exhaust Experts

What do you think is the hardest working system in your vehicle? If you say the engine, you’re on the right track, but it’s actually the exhaust system. This system allows us to run combustion engines safely, moves harmful fumes away from the passengers, increases vehicle performance, and reduces loud engine noises. It has a major role to play, which is why Randy’s Auto Center in Cumming, Georgia helps keep it in top condition. If your exhaust experiences a leak or any other kind of damage, it may cause excess engine strain, reduced fuel efficiency, or fail to reroute dangerous gases from the cabin. To prevent these complications and any serious damage to your vehicle, our ASE Certified technicians perform exhaust repairs on all makes and models. Stop by our shop at 1244 Buford Highway to get the solutions your vehicle needs today!

Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

Unsure if your vehicle needs exhaust repair? These three signs are a good way to determine whether or not your vehicle is experiencing problems. You can also visit our experts for a full inspection to find out if your vehicle needs repairs. As industry professionals, we give honest evaluations of a vehicle’s condition. We aren’t here to take advantage of vehicle owners, we are here to help them take proper care of their investments! If you notice one of the following warning signs, make exhaust repair at Randy’s Auto Center your next priority!

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Lower fuel economy is a symptom of many car problems, but one of the most common causes is an exhaust leak. If you experience decreased fuel efficiency, the first thing we will check is the exhaust to ensure there’s no damage to the system. Don’t write off any dips in your vehicle’s performance as normal wear and tear. They could be a signal of serious problems!


Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel or gas pedal while driving? These are also signs of an exhaust leak that will need repair as soon as possible. A serious leak may cause the whole car to shake uncontrollably. The damage is a serious safety issue and puts your vehicle’s health at risk, so be sure to visit our shop at your first opportunity for exhaust repair. Our team will ensure you regain full control of your vehicle.

Louder Engine Noises

When the exhaust has a problem, you’ll likely hear a lot more noise from the engine. Leaks near the exhaust manifold or along joints will cause particularly noisy driving experiences, which gives our technicians a clue as to where the damage may be. Don’t ignore changes in your car’s performance. Loud sounds may mean toxic fumes are entering the cabin. That’s why you need to visit our shop right away!